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The concept of guided implantation includes diagnosis, prosthetic planning and fabrication of a surgical template - from the missing single tooth to the edentulous jaw.Implantatschablone

Surprises during treatment are avoided by careful diagnosis and pre-planning.

Bone quantity, anatomical structures and function are taken into account.



Implant supply for individual missing teeth

Computernavigierte Implantologie nach Noble GuideComputernavigierte Implantologie, Zahnimplantate ComputernavigiertComputernavigierte Implantologie, Zahnimplantate ComputernavigiertComputernavigierte Implantologie, Zahnimplantate Computernavigiert

Implant bridge if 3 teeth are missing

Computernavigierte Implantologie, 3 Zähne werden ersetzt2 Implantate werden gesetztEin Implantat samt Brücke wird gesetztResultat der comupternavigierten Implantologie samt Brücke

Solutions for edentulous patients:

Fixed bridge on 4 implants

is a solution for patients who no longer have teeth. This restoration is screwed tight and thus not removable by the patient. Learn morehere.

Aufnahme des CT in der computernavigierten Implantologie nach Noble Guide Implantatschablone Schablonen Methode Schablonengeführte Implantatchirurgie

Fixed bridge on 6 implants

Here, a fixed denture is planned on 6 implants.

Fixed screw-retained implant bridge

Removable denture