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White dental fillings

for beautiful teeth

If tooth substance is destroyed, usually by caries, the defect must be supplied so that the destruction does not progress and also attacks other teeth. To do this, the dentist must carefully remove the affected tooth material (caries). The resulting hole must be filled to replace the missing tooth substance. With white fillings, caries-related holes can be filled.


The white fillings are composite fillings made of high-quality plastics. These are available in all tooth colors and are introduced into the tooth, modeled and cured immediately after caries removal. White fillings are cheaper than inlays and onlays.


These fillings are softer than enamel and are therefore subject to faster wear. It can also come to discoloration over time. White fillings have a shorter lifespan compared to inlays.

Price information

The prices for dental services vary from doctor to doctor and also from patient to patient due to the different needs of patients. Therefore, we can not give you advance information on the price of the due treatment. Only after a detailed inspection and consultation, a price for the treatment can be determined.