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Frequent questions


  1. What is the procedure?
    Diagnostics and implant consulting: Determination of general health Evaluation of bone care Assessment of residual dentition (periodontitis, ...) makeover (possibly bone formation with too little bone) Inserting the implant cure Definitive prosthetics: restoration of crowns or bridges
  2. How is the implant used?
    Usually short procedures by local anesthesia The implant adheres firmly to the bone during a healing phase that depends on bone quality. After the healing phase, the implants are restored with crowns If the quality of the bone allows it, immediate restoration of crown implants is possible.
  3. When will implants be used?
    If a tooth is missing: Single implant instead of a bridge, in which the neighboring teeth must be ground If several adjacent teeth are missing: Bridge on implants instead of prosthesis When the jaw is completely toothless: Removable denture on implants with push button Removable denture on the implant rod Firmly bolted bridge on implants.
  4. Disadvantages and risks of implants
    Surgical intervention usually a healing phase is necessary If there is a lack of bone supply, a bone structure is required In rare cases, the implant is rejected by the body Lack of oral hygiene, cigarette smoking, limited wound healing and some general conditions are risk factors.
  5. What solutions are there for lack of bone supply?
    Body of bone and bone substitute material: Unique: bone augmentation and implantation in one session Twice: Implantation after bone augmentation Computer-assisted implantation: Navigated implantation without bone structure for the best possible use of the existing bone.
  6. How should implants be maintained?
    Household hygiene: also with dental floss Regular prophylaxis: professional oral hygiene Regular checks.