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Frequent questions


  1. Advantages of gold inlay as a possible material
    • Used for a long time in dentistry • Gold Cast Inlay is cast by the dental technician using a high gold alloy wax model • The material of choice for functional dentures • Biocompatible, ie biocompatible material • Cemented • Due to the high gloss, the perfect edge seal to ensure a good and therefore long life. For coverings, bacteria and food residues, it is difficult to adhere to the highly polished insert • Long service life with good dental care
  2. Advantages of the ceramic inlay as a possible material
    • Aesthetically pleasing care, the highest standard of modern aesthetic dentistry • Full ceramic in tooth color • Bonded to the tooth and stabilized to protect the tooth from breakage • Biocompatible • Long service life with good dental care
  3. How can I extend the durability of my inlays?
    • Good oral hygiene by the patient • Once a week flossing and additional fluoridation • Regular checks at the dentist • Regular professional oral hygiene in the office • Nutrition
  4. How harmful is amalgam?
    Whether amalgam has a significant effect has not been proven. Therefore, it should not be used in pregnant women. In the presence of other metals in the mouth, mercury is released from the amalgam filling by electrochemical corrosion. For some reasons, amalgam is banned in dental care in some countries. Alternatively, Ali, who works in an amalgam-free practice, recommends inlays made of gold or ceramic: "These are very long-lasting with good care"
  5. Durability of inlays
    International scientific studies show that the restoration of destroyed tooth substance with gold or ceramic restorations has the longest shelf life.