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Frequent questions

Inlays EN

  1. Advantages of gold inlay as a possible material

    • Has been used in dentistry for a very long time • Gold Cast Inlay is cast from a high gold-content alloy by the dental technician using a wax model • The material of choice for functional dentures • Biocompatible, ie: body-compatible material • Cemented • Due to the high gloss, the perfect marginal seal to maintain good and thus long life. For coverings, bacteria and food particles, it is difficult to stick to the highly polished inlay • Long service life with good dental care
  2. Advantages of ceramic inlay as a possible material

    • Aesthetically pleasing care, the highest standard of modern aesthetic dentistry • Full ceramic in tooth color • Bonded and stabilized with the tooth to protect the tooth from breakage • Biocompatible • Long service life with good dental care
  3. Lifetime of inlays

    International scientific studies show that the supply of destroyed hard tooth substance with gold or ceramic restorations has the longest shelf life.
  4. How can I get my inlays for as long as possible?

    • Good home oral hygiene by the patient • Use of dental floss and additional fluoridation once a week • Regular checks at the dentist • Regular professional oral hygiene in the office • Nutrition