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Frequent questions

Root Canal Treatment

  1. How does the root canal treatment work?
    The tooth is locally stunned A small rubber elastic bandage is attached around the tooth (rubber dam) to keep it free of saliva and bacteria during the treatment endometrial length measurement of the channels The root canals are widened manually and mechanically with special files Mechanical cleaning and disinfection of the entire root canal system the cavity is filled with a plastic sealing material.
  2. What is a revision?
    Revision is the repetition of an old root canal treatment to preserve the tooth.
  3. How can a revision be necessary?
    If the existing Wuzel treatment is insufficient: channels are not filled to the top Inflammation in the bone at the root tip. The sealing filling or crown has become leaky and again bacteria have entered the root canal system.
  4. How is the revision going?
    Removal of the old filling from the channels Steps of conventional root canal therapy