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Fixed teeth in one day thanks to navigated implantation

With fixed bridge fixation on 4 or 6 implants, we are able to provide our patients with special immediate implants without time-consuming and costly bone augmentation that can be immediately loaded with new teeth. Thanks to modern template-guided implantology and treatment planning on the computer, the implants are set optimally. Within one day, the patient is given the provisional plastic bridge screwed onto four implants for immediate loading, provided that the primary stability of the implants is ensured.

With the Fixed Bridge treatment method on 4 implants, our patients can regain all freedom in a single day - carefree, laugh, eat and talk.

Advantages of the treatment method with fixed bridges

The patented treatment concept provides edentulous and prospective edentulous patients with a fixed dental arch restoration on four implants on the day of surgery. This quickly leads to better patient satisfaction in terms of function, aesthetics, perception, speech and self-esteem. Two key elements reduce the complexity of treatment: the number of procedures and the total time spent on treatment. This concept is not only the least time-consuming, but also the cheapest treatment option compared to traditional implant treatment modalities

  • shorter duration of treatment and healing time
  • only four implants needed
  • fixed implant bridge in one day
  • method proven in clinical trials

Fixed bridge on 6 implants

Performs the same function as the method described above, but a fixed denture is planned on 6 implants.

Fixed teeth in one day: We are happy to advise you.

Aufnahme des CT in der computernavigierten Implantologie 2 Double scan technique 3 Planning NobelGuide Computernavigierte Implantologie nach Noble Guide Schablone bei vollständigem Zahnverlust 5 Installation of anchor implant 6 Installation of remaining implants Zahersatz computernavigiert, Implantologie, Computernavigierte Implantologie nach Noble Guide Zahersatz computernavigiert, Implantologie, Computernavigierte Implantologie 4 Placing guided anchor pin