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Stability measurement of the implants

Secure teeth - with the help of our new technologyMundhygiene bei Zahnarzt Wien Mitte

Dental implants have the important task skillfully replace no longer existing own teeth. Without ethereal difference or restriction of use in everyday life. To ensure this, it must be checked whether the implant is securely anchored in the jaw after treatment and a certain healing time. With the help of a new technique, we can now determine more exactly when your implant is fully operational.

The resonance frequency analysis

In addition to the conventional tactile examination by the dentist, we now also introduce the much more accurate resonance frequency analysis. This is basically a flexural rigidity test of the bone implant system. In this procedure, we put a small device (Smart Peg) on ​​your implant which receives electromagnetic waves from a device. These waves cause micropositioning in the implant due to the Smart Peg. This identifies two important values ​​for ensuring dental implant stability.

The advantages that result from the RFA for you:

  • More precise treatment
  • More precise planning of the healing time and thereby
  • Durable implants by preventing premature full use of the implant


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