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Dental bridges

To bridge tooth gaps aesthetically.

If a tooth is missing, bridging, as an alternative to implants or removable prosthesis, is one of the ways to close the gap in the row of teeth. It consists of max. 3 firmly connected crowns, which are attached to the adjacent teeth and bridge the gap.

Why is it important to care for a tooth gap?

Walking adjacent teeth into the gap, tilting or being misloaded can lead to unwanted changes in the tooth positions. Here can be provided by the use of bridges also, so that the teeth of the opposing jaw do not migrate from the bone into the gap. This way function and aesthetics are safely preserved.

Work steps to the bridge:

  • Crown Trim of Neighboring Teeth, Precision Imprint, Bite Picking, Color Selection, Making a Temporary Bridge (1st Dates)
  • Dental technician makes the individual substructure in the laboratory (= bridge framework)
  • Checking the bridge framework for accuracy of fit (border closure) and bite registration (2nd appointment)
  • Completion of the bridge by the technician
  • Check the bridge for contact point and attachment of the bridge (3rd date)
  • Control appointment after one week (4th date)

Quality criteria of a bridge

A dental bridge should not be aesthetically distinguishable from a natural tooth. A perfect edge closure shows how carefully worked: crowns must smoothly smoothly pass into the tooth, when cleaning the interdental spaces, the floss should not get stuck or tear. The perfect point of contact with the neighboring teeth ensures that no food particles get stuck between the teeth when eating, which then leads to increased caries.

VMK (facing metal crown)
A cap made of gold or semi-precious metal is veneered with ceramic

  • Advantage: aesthetic and consistent supply
  • Disadvantage: In the cervical area, the metal rim can become visible when the gums recede

Zirconium crown

The metal-free zirconia coping (white) is veneered with ceramic

  • Advantage: nevertheless, aesthetically pleasing in gum recession

Ceramic crown

Represents highly aesthetic care in the anterior region.

How can I keep my crown for as long as possible?

Good home-based oral hygiene by the patient and the use of flossing and additional fluoridation 1xpro week protect your crown. Regular checks at the dentist as well as regular professional oral hygiene in the office and a healthy diet are important measures for obtaining dental crowns as long as possible.

Advantages of a bridge

  • technically high quality and durable fixed dentures
  • esthetic
  • no surgery required

Disadvantages of a bridge

  • Crowning of the neighboring teeth
  • Bones under the gap will not be stressed and will be lost


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