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With every exchange of a filling healthy tooth substance is lost. Only laboratory-made fillings (inlays) in ceramics or gold offer a longer shelf life. Although inlays are costly, their longevity and accuracy of fit keeps your healthy tooth substance longer.

If a tooth is affected by tooth decay or old fillings are leaking, it must be rehabilitated to stop the progression of decay. Tooth Inlays / Tooth Onlays provide an effective and high-quality solution for the restoration of damaged teeth and are particularly durable and stable.

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  • Removal of tooth decay or leaky filling
  • Special inlay preparation
  • Precision impression
  • Color selection for ceramic inlays
  • Provisional care
  • Dental technician makes the inlay in the laboratory
  • At the second appointment the inclusion of the inlay takes place

Advantages of inlays / onlays:Inlay, Zahnfüllung, Keramik, Zahnarzt

  • Made in the laboratory of ceramic or gold: thus highest precision, sealing and edge sealing
  • High caustics: especially important in the lateral tooth area
  • Long shelf life with good dental care
  • Ceramic inlays are highly esthetic restorations and are difficult to distinguish from true hard tooth substance

Possible materials:

Gold Inlay

  • Used for a very long time in dentistry
  • Gold cast inlay is cast from a high gold-content alloy by the dental technician using a wax model
  • The material of choice for functional dentures
  • Biocompatible, ie: body-compatible material
  • Is cemented
  • Due to the high gloss, the perfect marginal seal good to maintain and thus long life. For coverings, bacteria and food particles, it is difficult to stick to the highly polished inlay
  • Long life with good dental care

Ceramic inlay

  • Aesthetically appealing care, the highest standard of modern aesthetic dentistry
  • All-ceramic in tooth color
  • Will be glued to the tooth and stabilized, protecting the tooth from breakage
  • Biocompatible
  • Long life with good dental care

Lifetime of inlays

International scientific studies show that the supply of destroyed hard tooth substance with gold or ceramic restorations has the longest shelf life.

How can I get my inlays for as long as possible?

  • Good home oral hygiene by the patient
  • Use of dental floss and additional fluoridation 1x per week
  • Regular checks at the dentist
  • Regular professional oral hygiene in the office
  • Nutrition

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