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Low-pain local anesthesia

No more afraid of the dentist.Schmerzfreie Behandlung

Many patients postpone their appointment or endure their pain to avoid the fearsome injection at the dentist. This usually has a bad effect on them, as a dental treatment can be much more painful than the actual syringe if the patient appears too late at the dentist. We want to spare you the fear of the dentist by applying our technique of low-pain local anesthesia. In our practice, even the classic anesthetic syringe is no longer used.

The anesthesia computer - What is it?

Using this new technology, we no longer work with a conventional syringe, but with a pen attached to a computer that is equipped with a wafer-thin cannula. This cannula is only used on the gums of the tooth to be treated, the rest is done by the computer on its own. So we guarantee you a completely painless treatment!

The computer allows a special technique to pre-flow the anesthetic of the needle tip. The targeted tissue is already stunned when the needle tip penetrates. Most pain is caused by the pressure of a conventional syringe on the gums. This pressure is eliminated by our anesthesia computer as it monitors the entire process and only allows as much pressure as needed. For our patients, this means little or no pain during the stunning process. In addition, our system controls the flow rate and delivery rate of the anesthetic - thus sparing our patients the unpleasant numbness of having to visit the dentist.

Advantages of the modern anesthesia computer

  • Anesthesia now even less painful than with the help of the syringe
  • No wait after the anesthetic - our work is done even faster
  • Targeted application - only the desired tooth is anesthetized
  • Less anesthetic is needed


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