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Professional oral hygiene

Since dental caries and periodontal disease (about 80% of the world's population) are among the most common infectious diseases in the world, their prevention by means of dental prophylaxis is of paramount importance for the lifelong maintenance of teeth.

Freedom from inflammation in the mouth is important for the entire organism. Therefore, the elimination of bacterial deposits and their niches at regular intervals is indispensable. Mouths of inflammation in the mouth should be eliminated immediately as they increase the risk of heart attacks and strokes. Pregnant women have also been shown to have an association between oral and preterm birth rates and lower birth weight. Likewise, a relationship between inflammation in the mouth and the disease was found in diabetics.

What is the purpose of prophylaxis?

  • Protects against gingivitis (gingivitis)
  • Protects against inflammation of the periodontium and bone loss (periodontitis)
  • Prevents pregnancy-related gingivitis and tooth decay during pregnancy
  • Prevents the development of caries caused by deposits and tartar
  • Protects against common oral diseases
  • Extends the life span of dental fillings and restorations
  • Protects high quality supplies
  • Ensures a well-groomed appearance
  • Preservation of natural teeth
  • Clean and smooth teeth
  • Fresh breath and pleasant mouthfeel
  • Brighter teeth

What happens during prophylaxis?

In the course of treatment soft bacterial deposits, tartar and discoloration are removed. Tooth surfaces, interdental spaces and periodontal pockets are cleaned. This involves a thorough polishing of the teeth so that the plaque can no longer easily adhere. Fluoridation serves to remineralise and protect the teeth from caries. Together, we will then discuss your plaster problem areas, so that you know in which areas you can better clean with which technology. In general, you will also receive further practical instructions for home-based oral hygiene.

Who should often go for prophylaxis?

  • Everyone to protect his health, starting with puberty
  • Once tartar is present or you bleed while brushing your teeth (signs of inflammation)
  • Pregnant women should pay special attention to your gums and check regularly
  • We recommend to carry out a prophylaxis twice a year

What is the difference between prof. Teeth cleaning and periodontitis therapy?

  • In case of inflammation of the gums (= gingivitis) a tooth cleaning is sufficient.
  • Inflammation of the periodontium (= periodontitis) requires previous parodotist therapy by the dentist.

Read more about periodontics here.

What do we offer?

Basic prophylaxis

  • Removal of bacterial plaque, tartar and discoloration
  • Cleaning of tooth surfaces and interdental spaces as well as periodontal pockets
  • Tooth polish and fluoridation
  • Instruction for home oral hygiene as well as discussion of cleaning problems

Premium prophylaxis

  • In addition to professional oral hygiene, a thorough diagnosis of the entire dentition is performed.
  • Periodontal basic examination (PGU - gum and bone situation)
  • Caries diagnosis using 2 x-ray x-rays and Laserdianosegerät
  • Control of restorations and root canal treatments

Premium-Prophylaxe White

  • In addition to all benefits of the Premium prophylaxis you will get a light bleaching.
  • They will get rid of discoloration of tea, coffee or tobacco.
  • PH-neutral whitening products will not only make your teeth more beautiful, but also healthier.

Periodontal prophylaxis

This is a Recall prophylaxis for periodontitis patients after successful completion of periodontitis treatment periodontitis treatment by the dentist.

  • Regular recall appointments are an important measure in the fight against periodontal disease
  • This allows us to maintain and improve the success of the therapy

Implant prophylaxis