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Prosthetics - Dentures

If one or more teeth are missing, a denture will be necessary. There are various ways in which we will gladly advise you and customize and customize your individual dentures.

Possibilities of dentures

Fixed dentures

  • Crowns: with heavily destroyed teeth
  • Bridge: with tooth gaps

Removable dentures

  • Partial denture: when teeth are missing
  • Total denture: if all teeth are missing

Dental implants

The computer-controlled dental implantology allows us to guarantee you a quick and painless treatment.

With this modern technique, the implants are set very gently without cutting and suturing. A bone structure is not necessary. The implants are as firm as your own teeth.

Further advantages of computer-controlled versus classic implantation can be found here.


The prices for any treatments are dependent on the different needs of the patients and can therefore be very different. Therefore, we are unfortunately unable to give you specific figures before a check-in and consultation appointment.