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Root canal treatment, endodontics

Root canal treatment or endodontics is necessary when the soft internal tissue of the tooth, the tooth nerve, is inflamed or infected and the tooth is to be preserved.

Examination & Consulting

The first and most important step is the exact examination of the tooth. Based on the diagnosis and prognosis, our dentists advise you and a treatment plan is created together.

How does the root canal treatment work?

  • The tooth is locally stunned
  • A small rubber elastic bandage is attached around the tooth (rubber dam) to keep it free of saliva and bacteria during the treatment
  • endometrial length measurement of the channels
  • The root canals are widened manually and mechanically with special files
  • Mechanical cleaning and disinfection of the entire root canal system
  • the cavity is filled with a plastic sealing material

How long does a root canal take?

A session lasts about 60 minutes, but may take more or less time. This essentially depends on the individual problem situation. It depends on whether a first or revision treatment takes place. A role also plays the degree of inflammation and destruction of the tooth.

We are happy to spend more time with our patients to make the treatment as comfortable as possible.

Why is root canal treatment important?

No matter how powerful modern dentures can be, there is no substitute for a natural tooth. If the inflammation is not treated, it can lead to pain and damage and inflammation of the jawbone. The preservation of your own tooth comes first.

What causes inflammation of the gums?

  • Caries
  • thermal or chemical stimuli
  • Crack
  • Trauma due to stress
  • Accident

What is a revision?

Revision is the repetition of an old root canal treatment to preserve the tooth.

How can a revision be necessary?

  • If the existing Wuzel treatment is insufficient: channels are not filled to the top
  • Inflammation in the bone at the root tip
  • The sealing filling or crown has become leaky and again bacteria have entered the root canal system

How is a revision going?

After removal of the old filling from the channels, the steps of conventional Wurzelkanbehadlung.


The prices for dental services vary from doctor to doctor and also from patient to patient due to the different needs of patients. Therefore, we can not give you advance information on the price of the due treatment. Only after a detailed inspection and consultation, a price for the treatment can be determined.